01 April 2008

Working It Out...

Obviously I haven't been posting much recently - but I swear I am working on finding time for it! A big reason why I haven't been posting much is that I haven't been cooking as much. It is a rather sad state of affairs - but would you really want to read about my protein smoothies and cottage cheese snacks? (Although if any of you have any favorite protein powders that you'd like to comment on - please do!! I am looking for lots of advice in that category.) I keep telling myself that I am going to cook on the weekends and eat it all week, but by the time the weekend comes around, I am too tired to do much cooking. So as much as I love my new workout routine, it is making my life seriously more exhausting. But I am excited about the changes I am noticing in my body, and there is a part of that would like to share. Please feel free to move right along to a real cooking blog if reading about my personal training experience doesn't tickle your fancy! I won't be offended! I swear!!

So here are the basics to my experience - I work out three times a week with a personal trainer. I have two different trainers, Kali and Molly, due to some scheduling constraints on my end. I work with Kali during the week, and I work with Molly on the weekends. In order to avoid confusion, we have set up a schedule where Kali is "responsible" for my chest/back and legs, and Molly tortures my arms/shoulders. I think they both work ab exercises in to keep me on my toes. For the first couple weeks, I was so sore I could barely move after working out. It didn't matter which muscle group we were working - I wanted to quit. Signing the year-long contract pretty much prevented me from running away in search of an ice cream cone (thank goodness!). :) Now that it has been a bit longer... I think I have been doing it for a month now!... I am feeling much more comfortable with my workouts. Trust me, I still get sore and run down from it all. But now it is more of a pleasantly exhausted feeling - like I know I really worked my butt off!

I haven't noticed much of a difference in my body yet - at least not on the outside. I am feeling pretty good about myself on the inside however. It is a little discouraging to be sore and tired from exercising and not immediately notice a difference in my body, but I know it is coming. I just have to stick with my program. If anyone who is reading this has ever contemplated working with a personal trainer, I really am happy I decided to do it. I think even one day a week or however often you can afford to squeeze it in helps. I find I push myself so much harder when there is someone encouraging me and telling me not to give up. There have been countless examples where I would have quit on rep number 5 because I had no confidence that I could actually get to rep number 6. Kali and Molly give me that confidence and push me over the edge so even if I don't get to number 7, I still did more than I would have alone. I always wondered what it would be like to have a personal trainer and often lamented if I had more money it would be one of the first things I would "splurge" on. I am really happy that between J and I we were able to work out a way for me to do it. It is the best gift J has given me.

Anyway, I know a lot of this is very personal to me and if you have zero interest in reading about it, let me know. Otherwise I might try to keep you guys updated on my progress with working out since I don't seem to cook anymore! :) ***But I swear I am trying to make time for cooking and will be back regularly with food!!!!***


RecipeGirl said...

Hey Josie,

Great for you!! Celebrate yourself girl!! That's a terrific, brave step to doing a big 'ol favor for your body. I think it's ok to share some of your healthier recipes.

I'm unfortunately at a workout "standstill" right now. I'm going to my surgeon tomorrow to beg him to let me start exercising again in some capacity. On a good note, I've lost 6 pounds since I got home from the hospital!!

Keep it up the great work! Doesn't your body feel just awesome after a tough workout???

ttfn300 said...

Don't think I've ever left a comment, but I found your blog recently and enjoyed some of the old posts (and dog pictures!!)

I'm impressed--2 trainers!! I've never tried one myself, but just started this bodypump class at my gym to get me back in to some weight training. Not having to go it along certainly helps!

I'd agree about the healthier recipes, I'm always on the lookout. Even the easiest things, sometimes you just don't think of!

Regarding protein powder, I've been using Designer Whey's. Can't say that I've tried alot of them, but this one has been pretty good. Vanilla praline flavor's better than the plain vanilla, and I recently tried the chocolate PB to mix it up... there's nothing like that with some milk and half a frozen banana! :)

Keep up the good work, it'll pay off!

Erica said...

hey girl... way to go on the working out. i've been hitting the gym 3 times a week myself. but the most that my preggo body can handle is walking and elipticals. i plan on getting fit and trim after baby buster arrives. don't worry about the cooking thing -- you'll be back to it!

Christine and Jason said...


I worked with a personal trainer for a year and you are right about doing more than you would actually do alone. I loved it. It's weird that I have no problem going to restaurants and spending money but if I think about spending money to improve my health and fitness level, I have second thoughts.

Josie said...

Thank you all so much for your kind words!! It is so nice to know what a supportive group of readers I have :)

Lori, I hope you have fully recovered and are able to get back to exercising regularly. It is crazy how integrated into your life it becomes after such a short time.

ttfn - thanks for the suggestions on the protein! Hopefully I will post more often so you don't run out of archives to read :)

Erica- you have the best excuse in the world to take it easy with exercise!!

Chrissy- I so agree with you about spending money. If I had put all my "starbucks money" in a jar and saved it for a personal trainer, I probably could have started this eons ago!!

Laura said...

OK you know I will probably never have a personal trainer EVER and my body after 2 babies is currently kind of sad, but I am happy to be reading about your experiences. I missed your blog being updated!