09 April 2008

Diagonally Dysfunctional Body

I learned something interesting tonight- my right leg is significantly weaker than my left leg. And something else I have learned recently? My left arm and shoulder are significantly weaker than my right arm and shoulder. Huh? Yeah. I am diagonally uneven in my strength. Who knew? The left arm thing didn't confuse me too much - I am right handed so I just assumed it was a natural thing. The right leg being weaker? No clue. Kali and Molly were both baffled as well. Well we all knew I was special, right??

Apparently there is hope for me. I am going to work independently of Kali and Molly on strengthening my right leg. I have been told that doing exercises that target my legs individually should help a lot - mostly because my left leg won't be able to compensate for my right leg's weaknesses. Kali and I worked on these types of exercises a lot tonight, and wow! do I feel it in my right thigh. I still managed to do my cardio without falling off the elliptical and dying, so I consider it a successful evening at the gym.

In other news - did you notice that Crash has decided if I am not around for him to love, he will snuggle with my cookbooks? That big one on the end is Aquavit: And the New Scandinavian Cuisine by Marcus Samuelsson. I admit I do not cook from it, but I ate at his restaurant in Minneapolis (before he closed it to concentrate on global ventures I believe) and it was an amazing dining experience. I want more of his African cookbooks... but I digress... the point is, I think Crash is kinda cute with his head all mashed up against my cookbooks. :)

* Please ignore the dust on the bookshelf ;) *

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