25 April 2008

Happy Friday!

I am on my way out of town for the weekend, so I decided to leave you with some cute puppy pictures.

I also wanted to clarify my comment about minor medical concerns from a couple days ago - remember how I mentioned my weaker right leg? Well apparently a significant strength discrepancy in your legs can mean there is an underlying nerve problem (like a bulging disc). I have been undergoing some tests to see if we can figure out why my right leg is so weak. So far - nada! I am frustrated because I didn't have any pain or symptom other than the weaker leg, so I feel like I am worrying about something that I never would have known about if I wasn't working out with a trainer. Oh well - I have an appointment with a specialist in a week, and I am hopeful my worries will be laid to rest after I see her. I will keep you updated. :)

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RecipeGirl said...

Have a great weekend. I'm going to Vegas :)

Hope your leg is ok...