18 January 2008

Teabread Review: To Molasses or Not to Molasses

Post 2 of 2 - The bread has been eaten!

I thought I loved molasses. I grew up eating the most amazing Gingersnap cookies in the world that get their deep, rich flavor from molasses. I grew up eating baked goods that my mom felt could always be improved with a dab of molasses- especially her homemade breads. So I never considered that I didn't like the flavor of molasses. Well... now I am not so sure. This bread, when it is first out of the oven, has a very strong molasses flavor.

Normally I enjoy taking a quick taste of a quick bread batter before it goes in the oven - not this time! The flavor was just too molasses-y. Since the recipe calls for a "frosting", maybe I expected this bread to be sweeter than it was. Well, it just wasn't. I actually think it would be good used to make a turkey sandwich- weird, huh? I ate a piece with a dab of cream cheese smeared on it and drizzled with a bit of honey and thought it was best this way, but I wasn't sure if everyone would like it. Fortunately, not everyone has my taste buds.

I took half of the loaf to work, and I decided not to frost the teacake (mostly because I was running out of time). Instead, I brought in butter and honey and offered them up to my co-workers. I didn't get a single taker on the honey - and only some of them wanted the butter. They all seemed to love this bread on its own. The overall response was that it was so moist and flavorful (and no strong molasses taste to anyone but me!) that it didn't need anything else.

I also took a few slices to Natalie, my sister-in-law, who also happens to be my veterinarian. Crash and Millie had an appointment for their annual check-up this afternoon. So I figured might as well take her some baked goods while I am at it (Joe probably inspired me sub-consciously since he is always giving out his baked goods). The last little bit was saved for J who arrives tomorrow afternoon. He asked me to save him some after reading yesterday's post.
So I guess the bottom-line is that I am in the minority on this bread in that I didn't love it. I suppose I shouldn't complain, right? I will say this, it was an incredibly moist bread. It also looked really pretty to me. I think I might try to make it again but substitute some maple syrup for the molasses. It is always fun to experiment...

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