05 January 2008


So I am contemplating starting a Blog... mostly to make my sister feel better about starting her own. As a brief introduction, I love to cook. I want this Blog to be mostly about cooking. I will post new (to me) recipes and reviews, as well as small tidbits about my life.
To start out - here is the cast of characters:
Millie - my very sweet, occasionally hormonal, rescue dog. She is half Lab and half Boxer, and she was the first dog that is mine all mine.
Crash - my huge, protective, obsessive-compulsive Great Dane. The poor boy is allergic to most everything, so I try to keep his kitchen snacks down to a minimum.
J - J is my boyfriend who lives in far away lands. I love to cook for him, and fortunately for both of us, he loves to eat.
I am sure there are more names and people who will pop up. I will try to fill you in as they appear...

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