10 November 2009

Look at what I found!

I made a couple new acquaintances this weekend at a fundraiser for the Available Light Theatre. The fundraiser was an opportunity to shop to support the theatre group from some locally owned businesses, and I fell completely in love with the two crafty-chicks selling the most adorable stuff. Unfortunately I didn't bring enough cash with me to buy as much as I wanted... but fortunately the two crafty-chicks sell their stuff online and at local stores- woohoo!

Firstly, I think someone who loves to cook would love to check out this website, Made by AmyD. Amy is not only super friendly and charming but she also makes the most adorable aprons of all time - and she can make stuff to order if you are unusually shaped (or uniquely shaped as I like to think of myself...). I especially am in love with her aprons with the state of Ohio embroidered on the front. I think I am homesick in advance of moving, so everything Ohio is making me happy (or at least helping to calm my anxieties).

Also selling some very cute, kitschy Ohio stuff (like the sweetest journal made with an Ohio map as the cover! I am going to miss Ohio!) was Olivia from Wholly Craft. Who knew we had so many cool, locally owned stores selling handmade stuff in Columbus?! I need to pay more attention. Wholly Craft is a brick and mortar store on High Street, but be sure to check out their website for lots of information on classes and upcoming events at their store.

Anyway, I was just really impressed by how friendly these two ladies were - and the fact that I can head down to High Street in Columbus and buy lots of locally made gifts for Christmas! Yay for supporting local businesses!

Check out AmyD locally at the Kickstart at 913 North High St., Columbus, Ohio and visit Wholly Craft at 3169 North High St., Columbus, Ohio. (Make sure you visit their websites for hours cuz they can be a little funky.)

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