10 June 2009

A Big Change...

Well... a big change to me... I got tile floor in my kitchen! It all started with a soft spot on my linoleum floor near the entrance to my deck. I would stand on the soft spot and think to myself "this can't be good".
before- the hole was right in front of the sliding glass door

Eventually I asked my dad about it, and he agreed that we should look into getting the soft spot fixed since it was most likely the result of water damage. Like many things, it got put on the back burner when I lost my job.

close up of my ugly linoleum

Fast forward to about 4 weeks ago when I was bringing my dogs in through the deck sliding glass door that I mentioned. Light on her toes, Millie ran right on in to the kitchen. However, Crash ambled through and stepped right through the kitchen floor. His hind leg went through the sub-flooring, straight into the basement ceiling. Whoops. Thankfully, Crash hardly even noticed anything happened, and he wasn't injured at all. Of course, I was left with a Great Dane leg sized hole in my kitchen floor. I was no longer able to put fixing the floor on the back burner.

pre-dog beds... not so comfortable for the dogs

I was promptly sent to pick out (cheap) tile from the hardware store, and last week we got started on fixing the kitchen floor. A good family friend repaired the floor and laid the tile while I was at my sister's house enjoying the amazing South Indian feast she prepared for me... you MUST try the potatoes!!! (It was the most wonderful visit, I even stayed an extra night! Laura and her girls are great fun, and I treasure our relationship. I probably don't mention it enough, but I am incredibly blessed to have the best siblings on the planet.)

Millie loves laying on the cool floor, watching the squirrels

Crash prefers the dog bed

I came home to the most beautiful kitchen floor. Crash and Millie are getting used to having a cool, rock hard surface to sleep on - and they got brand new dog beds because of the hard surface.

Crash can be bothered to look out the window occasionally

I am excited to have my kitchen back and better than ever!

Millie is also happy to be allowed back in the kitchen


HoneyB said...

I'm glad your dog didn't get hurt! Oh, and I want to eat at your sisters house too. :oD

Poochieheaven said...

Good think the dogs are safe! I hope they enjoy their new dog beds.

abby said...

Adorable dogs!! :)

Laura said...

I can't believe you passed up the opportunity to make any silly jokes about having named Crash Crash because he was likely to crash through the floor. What--I'm the only one who thought of that? :)