13 April 2009

Don't Forget to Check Out the Round Up!

I just wanted to remind you to head over to my sister's blog, The Spiced Life, to see the Grandma's Recipes Round Up.

Something else that always reminds me of my Gramma?

Dogs. She had a dog named Buffy who looked like a horribly disproportionate love seat, but was the most lovable creature.

My Gramma went with my Mom before she was too ill to several of Crash's veterinary appointments. She would always complain about Crash licking her ears from the backseat, but I know she secretly loved it.

I am sure my Gramma is partially to thank for my love of animals - she definitely raised my mom to love them.

Honestly, who could resist a face like this one?


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Great pics--only just saw this today. Thanks for the link. :)