21 March 2009

The Best Quick Smoothie Breakfast

I know, I know... I probably shouldn't claim anything to be the best - but really, this is the first smoothie I have whipped up that really satisfies me as a breakfast supplement. Count me as a girl who needs to chew food to be satisfied, so when I tried coming up with a new breakfast smoothie I was definitely skeptical on how much I would like it as a meal replacement.

I specifically like this smoothie because it has more to offer than just sugar. It packs a serious protein punch without using protein powder! You read that right - no protein powder but still full of healthy lean protein! I cannot stand the chalky mouth feel of protein powders, and I am anxious about putting such a highly processed ingredient into my body, especially the ones that are loaded with artificial sweetener (talk about disgusting!).

In the past year, I have truly discovered Greek yogurt. I say truly discovered because I had eaten it before, but I had never really figured out how I enjoyed it until the past year. Greek yogurt is packed with lean protein, lower in carbohydrates and lactose than regular yogurt and a great building block for a healthy diet. I know it can be higher in fat and calories than regular yogurt, so I just look for 0% fat - it is so rich and creamy that I don't notice the missing fat and calories. I have learned to love yogurt by taking plain 0% fat Greek yogurt and mixing it with a teaspoon of homemade blueberry jam and topping with some homemade granola. It is delicious! Since discovering that combination, I always have it around the kitchen. I decided to try it in my skeptical smoothie, and it really worked out!

This smoothie starts with frozen blueberries - a perfect money saving ingredient since frozen is always cheaper than fresh. Then a few cubes of ice, a big dollop of fat free Greek yogurt, some banana and a little juice to loosen everything up. After a few pulses in the blender, it comes together smoothly and nicely. I love this smoothie. I am no longer skeptical - the yogurt makes it ultra filling, and the fruit provides just enough sweetness to make it really tasty.

Skeptical Smoothie (serves 1 large or 2 small)

1 cup 0% Greek yogurt
1/2 cup ice
3/4 - 1 cup frozen blueberries
1 small, ripe banana
1/2 - 3/4 cup juice (I like fresh squeezed orange juice here)

Add all ingredients to a blender (adjust your liquids to create a smooth, easily blend-able consistency) and liquefy until smooth. (I find my blender works best if I put the ice and frozen blueberries on the bottom, then layer the banana and yogurt on top and pour the juice over the whole mess.) Enjoy!


RecipeGirl said...

Greek yogurt is a good idea. I love its creamy-ness. I like to have a good smoothie sometimes for lunch if I have a long workout just prior. Thanks for the tip!

Laura said...

My Greek yogurt does not have near as much protein, although it has a decent amount. What is the brand you are obsessed with?

Josie said...

I have been comparing a lot of yogurt labels, and so far Fage 0% seems to be the healthiest (in terms of protein). It has something like 18-19 grams of protein per serving! Comparatively speaking, Trader Joe's brand has 8-9 grams (I looked today but am not 100% on the numbers :)).

Robin Sue said...

I have discovered Greek Yogurt too and love it. I can even eat it plain it is so nice and creamy. So that is how you get that non-chalky protein in your smoothy- great idea!! I use the Fage too.