17 June 2008

Into the garden...

Nothing new to report here - still eating lots of salads that are honestly pretty boring. However, I did take a couple pretty pictures that I thought I would share of my garden.

I recently purchased 2 of these stunning dahlias at our local farmer's market. The grower was very friendly and talked my ear off - in a good way! She said that her supplier sent her the cuttings on trial dahlias to see how they worked out (I think they are working on perfecting a new color). They worked out as far as I am concerned because I got to bring them home! The blooms are so gorgeous, but I am not sure I captured the nuances in color with my camera. The center is a brilliant yellow pin-cushion, and the inner edges of the petals are a fascinating lilac fading into orange and then pink. If I could describe iridescent using a flower, I think this might be the one. I hope they live!

The same grower had several lovely begonias. I don't think this one has a fun back story, but it just really caught my eye. I love brilliantly colored flowers, and this one hasn't disappointed yet! Best of all, it hasn't stopped blooming since I brought it home 3 weeks ago!

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RecipeGirl said...

Lucky you! I'm afraid our stifling heat is going to begin killing off my flowers one by one!!