02 March 2008

Easter Cookie Pie

I have mentioned several times that Joe's Blog, Culinary in the Country, is a constant source of inspiration for me in the kitchen. When I need a reliable cookie recipe, I head over to his site and browse the recipe archives for ideas. My friend has had several of the cookies I have made from his site and always raves about them - to the point that she text messaged me and told me that she was craving them. Of course I was immensely flattered so I absolutely had to make her more cookies. So I turned to the very reliable M & M Bar Cookie recipe from Joe's Blog. I have mentioned this recipe before, but I never took a picture. Besides, this time I made a cookie pie which turned out really cute. I think it would make an awesome kid's birthday cake - you could easily write on it with frosting. The Easter M & M's look especially festive if you ask me! My friend was so happy with the cookie pie that she ate it all in one weekend! If that isn't a compliment, I don't know what is! Although, next time I will have to send a smaller pie over so she doesn't make herself sick! :-)

Check back tomorrow for the best Spanish Rice dish ever (I think I officially broke out of my food funk!)

Click here for the recipe - to make the pie, I halved the recipe.


RecipeGirl said...

Looks really nummy. I think I could eat that all in one day too!!

LisaRene said...

That is the perfect size cookie for me! What fun!

Josie said...

Lori- thanks! I think pastel M & M's make everything look pretty :)

Lisarene- LOL! giant homemade cookies make everything better.

My friend actually had a horrible day yesterday, so I will bake her something else. I have a chocolate mint cookie recipe in the fridge right now waiting to be baked tonight :) Hopefully they turn out so I can share with you guys!